Care Agencies Opt Out Of Zero Hour Contracts For Powys Staff

TWO LEADING Welsh care companies working together are ‘going beyond the care industry norm’ to provide a service to Powys residents by offering staff an opt out on zero hour contracts (May, 2014).

Reach and Abacare look set to offer staff working in North Powys contracts for a minimum of 16 hours a week if that is what workers wish to do.

Bethan Evans, Corporate Director of Reach, said: “This is fantastic news for those who work in the care sector in Powys. We understand how difficult it can be for people with families to support and rent or mortgages to pay.

“Everyone needs some stability in order to perform well and we’re delighted to be able to offer this. Although we appreciate there are some workers who like the flexibility of zero hour contracts, such as students in the hospitality industries, many of our staff tend to be working mums and we recognise the importance of us doing all that we can to support them to work around the school runs.

“However, we recruit staff with a range of circumstances and we understand that everyone needs to be sure of some income every week and to have continuity of employment. Of course anyone who works for us and still wishes to have a zero hour contract or isn’t able to work for a minimum of 16 hours can do so.

“But we feel the uncertainty of zero hour contracts makes staff feel insecure and zero hour contracts often don’t ensure we get the best and most committed team members. We simply don’t want to compromise on the service we offer.

“There are some terms and conditions of course, as with all contracts, but in a nutshell anyone who works for either Reach or Abacare will be offered a contract for a minimum of 16 hours a week and we’re proud to be going beyond the care industry norm by offering staff these conditions.”

Reach and Abacare, which have offices in Powys, have jointly just won the contract to provide care services for Powys County Council.

Peter Angelides, Managing Director at the award-winning provider, Abacare said: “We’ve worked hard to make this happen and we’re very proud to be able to offer this to our North Powys staff.

“It is really important that we ensure we attract and retain the best care staff possible and while others in the industry prefer zero hour contracts we’re offering an opt out to our staff, subject to some terms and conditions.

“In order to give the very best in care to our service users our staff will always be offered a contract that states they are entitled to a minimum of 16 hours pay each week. We don’t just care about the vulnerable and elderly we look after, we also care about the team that works for us and do a fabulous job.”

Reach and Abacare are currently transferring staff working for Powys County Council’s out-going care providers to their teams and have vacancies for carers in the Powys area.

For more information about Reach or Abacare and its job opportunities and contracts, please email or call 01248 677919.