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Cardenden Care Home’s Dog Lovers Welcome Surprise Visits from Loyal Companions

Residents at Fernlea House Care Home in Cardenden, Fife were treated to special visits from favourite local dogs, Milo and Pippin, who bounded up to residents and staff members for a warm hug and a treat.

Their visits were organised as part of the home’s pet therapy programme, designed to make sure residents keep healthy and happy. Staff members organised the visit from Milo, who belongs to one of the home’s carers, Jemma Rutherford. Pippin’s owners, Jill and Khaliegh Ireland often bring him along on his much-loved visits to see Alison, Khaliegh’s grandmother, in the home.

Milo and Pippin provide warm, gentle company for residents, who enjoy petting them and taking their leads for a tour of the home’s lounge areas and garden. Their visits are part of the home’s extensive activities programme, which has helped residents, particularly those who live with dementia or a disability, engage with life in the home.

Joan Brown, Senior Carer at Fernlea House Care Home said:

“Lots of our residents grew up with dogs, so they enjoy having Milo and Pippin in the home. You feel the difference immediately when they walk through the door – staff and residents love being around them and you see it in all the smiles on faces and laughter to go around.”

Milo –                                                  Pippin –