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CQC Welcomes Secretary Of State’s Decision To Appoint Peter Wyman CBE As Chair Of CQC

CQC-logoDavid Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, said: “I welcome the decision from the Secretary of State to appoint Peter Wyman CBE as the new Chair of the Care Quality Commission, following the Health Select Committee’s hearing.

“I am very confident that Peter will make a telling contribution to the work of CQC.

“Having been Chair of Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for the last five years, Peter brings with him a great understanding of the healthcare landscape that we regulate, as well as a commitment to making sure people receive safe, high-quality and compassionate care.

“Also, I am sure that Peter’s long and successful career at PwC will add value as we seek to become a more efficient and effective organisation over the next few years.

“I have found Peter to be very thoughtful, intelligent and warm in the way he relates to people. I very much look forward to working with him.

“While I welcome Peter’s appointment, I would like to pay tribute to Michael Mire who has been Interim Chair of CQC since May, following the departure of our former chair, David Prior.  I am delighted that we will continue to benefit from Michael’s abilities as he will continue as a non-executive director of CQC.”


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