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CQC Fee Increases Place Unacceptable Burden On The Care Sector

Care England, the largest representative body for care providers has responded to the consultation document issued by the Care Quality Commission, outlining its intention to increase fees to care providers.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England says:

“At a time when the care sector is facing enormous financial challenges resulting from years of underfunding and the increases in staff costs, following the implementation of the New Living Wage, It is totally unacceptable for the regulator to levy higher charges for regulation.

Martin continued:

As a regulator with market oversight responsibilities, the Care Quality Commission should understand that this sector is nearing collapse because of local authorities’ refusal to pay the true cost of care, and there is no justification for the CQC to add to the financial burdens of the sector.

The CQC know better than anyone the inadequate levels of care funding and they should be commenting on this underfunding, and calling for the true costs of care to be paid in order to ensure a diverse and sustainable future for care. In an era of austerity, when we are all being told to tighten our belts, the CQC should lead by example and hold fees at current levels for a least the next three years.”


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