Workshops & Webinars: Empowering Social Care with the Tools To Be Outstanding

Meaningful Care Matters is a leading care and organisational development group that specialises in helping health and social care providers to access a variety of support services.

The group helps to facilitate the creation, reinvigoration and sustainable implementation of person-centred care cultures where people matter, feelings matter, and we are ‘Free to be Me’.

Currently, care providers can make use of the group’s range educational and innovative online tools, including:


This online workshop will focus on the compassion fatigue that has become prevalent with frontline teams in this COVID pandemic.

The course is all about person centredness and coming back to the heart and soul of what care culture is about. Achieved through an action learning process, participants can:

• Reflect – consider the feelings and emotions as well as the practical implications of operating in a person-centred way

• Recharge – look at strategies that will energise and maintain mindful- ness and well-being to help support individuals and teams

• Regenerate – refresh the passion, vision, and structure of a person- centred approach in a tangible, practical and meaningful way
Key outcomes include

Renewing the care team by bringing members together and having space to reflect on the emotional impact of working in the climate of COVID-19

• Building an emotionally intelligent and self-aware leadership team that has the confidence and clarity it needs to support person-centred approaches in challenging times

• Establishing resilient and reflective care teams

• Finding ways of balancing infection control and quality of life

• Enhancing individual problem solving and communication skills in a safe environment

What does the course involve?

• Six 60-minute zoom sessions over a six-week period with teams of 8 to 10 participants

• Specific resources and tools from Meaningful Care Matters to support learning and outcomes

• Wellness and mindfulness support with tools from The Coach Approach


These webinar sessions offer support materials on 5 key topics unique to each home

The weekly group support sessions can accommodate teams of up to ten. A facilitator will oversee the live discussion, exploring the impacts COVID-19 and other lifestyle factors that can result in decreased resilience and compassion fatigue.

Based on 5 sessions over 5 weeks, the forums cover ideas, strategies, and support mechanisms for how to achieve a meaningful connection.

The group sessions are split into two parts:

1. Connections Matter

A 40-minute session where five key challenges unique to each home are reviewed, before looking at how they have impacted the team and how members can make positive changes to improve their well-being.

2. A Practical Approach

A 20-minute session where practical implications are explored before looking at how to support the learnings from the aspect of the live webinar.

For more information on these online training sessions and other services Meaningful Care Matters provides, please visit

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