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Wipertec – Hygenic Wipes for Care

With over 25 years experience of manufacturing both dry wipes and wet wipes to ISO9001 standards, Wipertec offer both our own established brands and customer own private label.

At Wipertic we recognise that if there’s one thing that is vital in care home environments, it’s cleanliness!

Elderly residents become more prone to infection and illness, and are not as resilient as they once were, which is why they are more disposed to the spread of infections.

Furthermore, a clean hygienic care home is not only vital for resident safety, but also important in terms of aesthetic appeal, a clean environment helps to foster a positive caring environment where residents feels safe and their loved ones assured.

With respect to residents’ personal hygiene, one of the most crucial responsibilities that care home staff perform is ensuring and maintaining the personal cleanliness of residents.

Correct cleaning minimises the danger of illness and infection, enhances the resident’s overall health and wellbeing, helping to keep them happier by increasing their sense of pride and dignity. When bathing patients, wipes are among the most regularly used items for incontinence care or general cleansing, assisting in the safe and complete cleaning of residents in a comfortable manner.

We at Wipertec can provide an extensive range of formats such as single sachet individual wipes, packs, canisters and buckets.

Our products can be seen globally across a wide variety of sectors such as healthcare, industrial, retail, education and many more.

With the efficient service we provide, we like to think of ourselves as another valued member of your own team!

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