What to Look for When Choosing Care Home Furniture

by Dwayne Cook (Head of Care Interiors at Spearhead – www.spearheadhealthcare.com)

Choosing Care Home furniture can be an extensive and quite expensive process, as a balance needs to be achieved between functionality in the care environment, quality, and style. Spearhead has over 30 years of experience supplying to the care sector, and over the years, we understand that care home furniture needs to meet certain requirements to be not only functional, but also improve the life of care home residents.

When selecting care home furniture, it is essential to understand the use and suitability of each furniture piece, for example, when choosing dining or coffee tables, it is essential to check that the tables have rounded corners, to minimise risk of injuries from sharp corners. Dining chairs should have the option of adding skis, as skis provide extra stability, greater chair longevity and also make moving the chair over both carpet and vinyl flooring a lot easier, which ultimately helps the carers. Moreover, having a guarantee for the furniture you purchase provides not only peace of mind, but also a quality statement.

For soft furnishings like curtains, bedding, and upholstery fabrics, it is essential for these to be flame retardant to the relevant British Standards. This is quite crucial as in the event of a fire, having the appropriate furnishings can save lives.

Lastly, selecting fabrics with antimicrobial properties has proven to be significant for infection control in care homes. Specifically, choosing the right fabric and wipe clean finish prevents the spread of germs and ensures an outstanding environment for your care home. Spearhead recently launched a range of fast delivery furniture with fabrics that incorporate this technology as standard.

Spearhead Care Interiors specialists help you to make informed choices, ensuring that a seamless buying experience from choosing furniture through to delivery is achieved.

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