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What is Dementia Care Matters?

DCM_PressAd_CaringTime_FINALnobleed3We believe that when we get Dementia Care right – We get All Care right – so this model will support excellence across all needs and sectors – it’s about the person first and last.

The next time you communicate with someone who is not at his or her cognitive best, remind yourself of this: “This interaction is not about me. This interaction is about someone who is seeking connection on terms that may not advance the interests or needs of my ego. I am going to go where your needs are taking you. I am going to be with you in that place, wherever and however it is. I am going to let my ego disappear now. I am going to love you in your image instead of trying to re-create you in mine.” Quoted from Love, Loss and Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer’s Differently by Cathy Greenblat 2012 Lyons Press: Guildford, Connecticut.
• An Innovative, Transformative way of delivering excellence in all care settings
• Proven to improve all Key Performance Indicators, both operationally & financially – keeping Emotional Intelligence at the heart of everything.
• A step by step programme to support you to be the best, whilst remaining True to Yourself & Others
• A pathway to Authentic Leadership that Transforms the lives of the people who work, live and interact with the support you offer.
Feeling that you matter in dementia care involves just the same things as mattering in other times of our lives. Life is a journey and every moment has significance, it makes us who we are and this feeling is not limited by a diagnosis.
We achieve significant moments by:
• Knowing our Feelings Matter Most in life – we feel.
• Turning a place into ‘feeling at home’ – we look.
• Needing to be reached – we connect.
• Having a purpose and engaging in meaningful
activity – we occupy.
• Valuing relationships with people – we share.
• Being loved for who we are – we reach.
• Sensing acceptance and freedom – we relax.
• Nurturing and looking after oneself – we matter.

Founded by Dr David Sheard in the United Kingdom in 1995, this inspirational model of care has now been implemented in world leading care homes, hospitals & home care services throughout the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia & the United States of America. Based on tried & tested operational tools, with demonstratively powerful results, we will work with care services of all sizes to improve your dementia care.

Please contact Sharon Turner on sharon@dementiacarematters.com or visit our website on www.dementiacarematters.com


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