We Know What Clean Really Means

Cleaning and hygiene is essential in the care sector. Poor hygiene is not only a turn off for residents and their families alike, but bacterial contamination can also cause serious illness and result in a visit from the environmental health officer, possible prosecution and shut down of your business. It pays to make cleaning and hygiene your top priority.

With a range of over three-thousand products and distribution partners in over 90 countries, Hillbrush is the largest UK manufacturer of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools, selling to a global customer base. Setting the benchmark for quality and innovation, the mission for continuous development and outstanding service is as prominent now as it was when the company was founded in 1922.

Hillbrush is at the forefront of technology-led cleaning equipment and has developed the most advanced hygienic cleaning tools available. Our Anti-Microbial cleaning tools are designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds. Our products are designed in such a way that bacteria can’t survive on the surface. Our hygienic range of products are Biomaster protected and have been developed to minimise microbial cross-contamination risks.

For further information, visit info.hillbrush.com/care-homes or call +44 (0)1747 860494

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