Using Technology to Manage the Prevention and Control of Infection in Care Homes

For care home residents, infections can be serious, and in some cases, life-threatening. So, in the midst of a pandemic, the focus on good infection prevention and control practices has never been more important.

Over the last few months, we have supported Radar Healthcare customers in the management of Covid-19 related incidents, help- ing them to map resident outbreaks, identify pockets of self-iso- lating staff and anticipate consequential risks as a result.

The steps taken in care homes to protect residents and staff from infection represent an important element in the quality of care. So, knowledge and understanding of outbreak prevention, preparedness, detection and management is key.

The dynamic management of emerging risks is a collective responsibility and one which ensures your workforce is fully involved in the process of preventing and controlling infection. Risk registers should be actively maintained and monitored with a standardised risk scoring mechanism to facilitate prioritisation.

Risk stratification combined with regular audits and assess- ments to identify potential hazards can then support the creation of preventative action plans.

Engaging with your workforce to co-create your strategic andoperational approach to infection prevention and control can support you to embed a culture of continuous improvement in this area.

Education plays a critical role in the prevention and control of infection so it’s critical that you manage and track workforce capability and competency – giving you peace of mind that they understand the importance of infection control and the specific role they have to play.


Clear communication of symptoms, guidelines and procedures ensures staff are equipped to recognise an outbreak and take appropriate action. With standardised procedures for reporting active cases and incidents, you can develop a clear picture of the pace and spread of the infection.


Prompt investigation and control of infection outbreaks is criti- cal to protect the safety of residents and staff but mobilising an infection outbreak response can be difficult if information is siloed or managed manually.

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