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Unrivalled Laundry Equipment Service With Virtual Technician®!

The OPL Group have been supplying and servicing commercial laundry equipment for almost 50 years and service response has always been key to our success. With technology evolving and the company looking to be more efficient, the OPL team have developed the Virtual Technician®. This allows The OPL Group to track, report and monitor the status of your laundry equipment providing seamless, constant monitoring of your laundry facility, greatly assisting businesses with slow or unreliable lines of fault reporting to keep you up and running.

With OPL’s Virtual Technician®, you will always have a virtual engineer on-site, diagnosing faults and reporting directly back to The OPL Group’s service desk saving your business valuable downtime. What’s more, our machine integration means it’s easier than ever before – no more worrying about complicated controls or screens as there aren’t any!

What Are The Benefits?

• Eliminates avoidable call out charges and minimise down time.

• Faults reported directly to The OPL Group who analyse them quickly and efficiently.

• Testing and diagnostics can be carried out remotely allowing functions to be tested.

• New wash programmes can be created to suit site specific requirements on demand and uploaded remotely.

• New coin settings can be set and uploaded remotely.

• Chemical programmes can be created to suit specific requirements on demand.

• Chemical levels can be monitored with new chemicals dispatched automatically.

• Affordable low fixed monthly costs.

For an affordable service solution whilst minimising unnecessary call out charges, the OPL’s Virtual Technician® is available at a fixed monthly cost giving total peace of mind and Superb Service Support – wherever you are!

For more information email us at sales@theoplgroup.co.uk or call us on 0845 077 65 65 to discuss setting up OPL’s Virtual Technician® for your business.


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