University Of Bradford Launches A Curriculum To Inform Dementia Education

The University of Bradford is one of a group of UK Universities who have developed a Curriculum for UK Dementia Education (CfDE).

The new curriculum has been formed as part of the Higher Education for Dementia Network (HEDN) and is co-ordinated and chaired by the charity Dementia UK. Designed as a guide to Universities for developing the content of higher education programmes for health and social care professionals such as: nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and social work; this will help Universities to ensure their courses address the knowledge and skills health and social care staff need to care for people with dementia.

The curriculum has been developed in a systematic way by HEDN members over a numbers of years and has included consultation with people living with dementia, their families, dementia care practitioners and network members. This followed from research conducted by HEDN which identified that coverage of dementia in most UK University health and social care courses was inadequate and inconsistent.

HEDN hope the curriculum will eventually be adopted by all UK Universities, resulting in coverage of dementia in all health and social care courses as well as consistency in the depth and content of what students learn.

HEDN is comprised of representatives of 53 UK Universities who have an interest in or are responsible for courses on dementia care. Rachel Thompson Chair of HEDN said:

“Dementia needs to be integral to education for all health and social care professionals but also needs to be delivered in a consistent and systematic way. We hope that the Curriculum for UK Dementia Education will provide a framework to ensure that this happens effectively and across all education providers.”

Dr Claire Surr, from the University of Bradford said: “We are delighted to have been able to contribute to the development of the Curriculum for UK Dementia Education. The University of Bradford’s Dementia Group has been championing for improved dementia education for over 20 years. The launch of this curriculum represents an important step towards ensuring that Universities provide health and social care professionals of the future with the required knowledge and skills to deliver high quality care for people living with dementia.”

The Curriculum for UK Dementia Education is available to download from















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