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uComply – Immigration Compliance Made Simple

Our working population has never been so high at over 31 million which is good news, right?

How do we perceive the management of our most precious resource, our staff?

• Have your resources increased

• Have your budgets increased

• Have your number of sleepless nights increased?

Perhaps you may think that the last bullet point is a little flippant. We’ve all observed that resources are being constrained both in monetary terms and headcount on all administrative (non-revenue) functions across the board. Yet we all are still expected to provide and improve on service levels in a vastly more regulated environment with less!

Recently, I’ve seen mention of an article by Tise4Sleep where they cite the top five professions who are kept awake thinking about work-related issues; Human Resources (93%), Marketing (89%), Doctors/Nurses/Dentists (88%), Lawyers (87%) and Artists/designers (85%).

The study looked at 1,000 adults and the results above really show the dilemma for HR professionals or anyone who is managing staff. By their own professional calling they nurture and care about the people they look after, but at the same time they are asked to make/enforce difficult decisions.

Things flagged to me as items that we should be concerned about are:

The first new concern is GDPR, which is about to go live in May 2018 and will require a major overhaul around the way we manage personal data in our business lives. Mistakes here could run into millions of pounds (4%of turnover or €20million whichever is the higher)!

The second is compliance with all the other existing regulations like Right to Work where mistakes can cost 10’s of thousands (£20,000 per illegal worker foundand or prison sentences, not to mention the reputational damage).

Are there any magic bullets that could help protect your pride?

For further information, please call 01707 800840 or visit www.uComply.co.uk


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