Tungston Metal Could Increase Prevelance Of Stroke

A study carried out at University of Exeter has discovered that exposure to tungsten, a metal found in mobile phones, metal tools and lightbulbs, could increase the risk of stroke. Research examined more than 8,000 US adults aged 18 to 74 for 12 years.

Dr Madina Kara, Neuroscientist at the Stroke Association, said: “We know that environmental factors, like air pollution, can play a part in stroke risk but this is the first time we’ve seen research linking tungsten to an increase risk of stroke. Whilst this research reveals increased tungsten levels in those having stroke, follow-on studies are required to assess the direct effects of tungsten on our health and its link to stroke.

“Lifestyle factors such as smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet increase your risk of stroke.  High blood pressure remains the single biggest risk factor for stroke. We know that half of all strokes could















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