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Touchsafe Nurse Call Is Put To The Test By Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart General Charitable Trust

SirFounded in 1945 by Sir Percy Malcolm Stewart OBE, 1st Baronet Stewart of Stewartby, and the Chairman of London Brick Company Ltd, the Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart General Charitable Trust is a private charitable trust controlled by its trustees. It has a collection of 86 warden controlled bungalows located in the village of Stewartby in Bedfordshire. The first phase of 24 bungalows were originally built in 1956 for retired employees of London Brick Company Ltd.

Sir P Malcolm Stewart wanted to offer his former workers a home that would provide a safe and friendly environment throughout their retirement.

The trustees of Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart General Charitable Trust are responsible for maintaining the retirement bungalows and the surrounding grounds. This includes offering 24-hour support to everyone living on the site, which encourages the residents to live an independent lifestyle with the reassurance that assistance is available if they should need it.

Debbie Hassall, Trustee and Bursar to the trust, looks after the day-to-day management of the site, and ensures the continued provision of an effective warden service. She believed that the former Nurse Call system that supported her Senior Warden and Deputy Warden was obsolete, and contacted Aid Call to explore alternative options.

Debbie said: “When I began looking for a new system, it was difficult at first because the bungalows are very spread out. Nurse Call is typically designed for hospitals and care homes, but we needed a system that could work in a slightly different way. Thankfully the wireless design of Touchsafe works great for us. Everyone now has an Aid Call call point just inside the front door in their bungalow, and these can be taken off the bracket and moved around the home with the resident as needed.”


As the main point of contact for the Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes, Debbie is also responsible for providing regular updates to her fellow trustees.

Debbie commented: “Thanks to Aid Call, myself and the trustees now have traceability across the entire site. Touchsafe is an extremely self-sufficient nurse call system which is a great relief for me. Our old system was very manual, and gathering the information to produce reports was a lengthy process. However, with Touchsafe I can now retrieve all manner of reports via my computer. I send those reports to the trustees as often as required, which gives them clear visibility of the work we’re doing. It was previously very ‘word of mouth’ and now we have actionable reports that give real-time information about our day-to-day activities.

The system is also self-maintained, so I don’t need to do anything until it notifies me that maintenance is required. It provides me with automatic alerts if there are any issues including batteries that need changing or a call point being removed from a bracket, which saves a lot of time.”


Following the successful installation of Touchsafe, Debbie considered additions to the system that could assist her more vulnerable residents with confidence or mobility issues. She decided to offer residents the option of wearing a Touchsafe pendant, which can be worn around the neck, and pressed if the user requires assistance.

She added: “A few of the residents now have pendants, which has been a great addition to the Aid Call system because it’s another feature that allows them to be independent. We trialled the pendant with a lady who was prone to falls and within a couple of months it had already paid off tremendously well. She had a fall in her bedroom and her husband didn’t hear her, so she pressed her pendant and one of our wardens was there to assist within minutes.”


Debbie concluded: “Everyone is extremely happy with the new system, and all the feedback I have received from the trustees, our wardens and the residents is very positive.

The support from Aid Call has been brilliant and it’s a very easy system to use. The project manager who dealt with our site had everything down to a fine art and the installers were very professional and friendly. They built a great rapport with each of the residents, which was a great relief as it can be difficult for our vulnerable residents to feel comfortable having someone they’re not familiar with inside their home.”


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