The Work Of The Nutrition And Hydration Week Team Receives Deserved Recognition

Nutrition-Hydration-Week-LoThe team behind Nutrition and Hydration Week was recognised and praised at last week’s Nutrition Live Awards 2013 (Friday 1 November) for its hard work, dedication, ethos and determination to make a difference.

The team, comprising leading professionals from NHS England, Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and National Association of Care Catering (NACC), was shortlisted in the category of Service/Team of the Year, receiving high praise and commendation from the judges.

It was the creation and success of the first combined Nutrition and Hydration Week that took place earlier this year, which earned the team deserved recognition and respect.

The aim of the Nutrition and Hydration Week is to raise the awareness of the importance of good nutrition in health and social care. Its resounding success has enabled the team’s work to be significantly developed and the event and its reach has been broadened for 2014, with Nutrition & Hydration Week taking place on 17-23 March 2014. The team has been busy contacting international colleagues to join the party and interest has already been generated in Australia, Canada, Spain and the USA.

The judges stated that this category was very close and the hardest award to judge, and those shortlisted should be proud to have got to this stage: “The Nutrition & Hydration Week shows how staying focused on the key issues can attract not only UK support but world wide support ……. the events are to be congratulated and come highly recommended.”

Caroline Lecko, Patient Safety lead for NHS England commented on the shortlisting: “We are delighted to be recognised by our peers as a team that is starting to make a difference in this vital area of health and social care. It is important that carers remember that nutritional intake, including fluids, is a key aspect of nutritional care.”

Andy Jones, HCA Chair stated: “It is fantastic that our work has been recognised. We have come a long way in a short time, from what started out as an idea of a shared day with the NACC. Joining up with Patient Safety (now part of NHS England) provided real impetus to move on this most basic but core aspect of good care. We have started the ball rolling but it is, yet again, the momentum we need in order to make fundamental changes to how we view food and drink in health and social care settings.”

Neel Radia, the new elected NACC Chair added: “The team has made a tremendous impact in health and social care, raising the profile of good nutritional care with whoever they come in contact with. I have seen the plans for 2014 and they are big; so if they have been recognised for the impact they made this year, then they really are a group of influential people to watch in 2014.”

The aim of the Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014 is to illustrate how, by making changes to eating and drinking habits, people can improve their quality of life. The campaign will benefit professionals and staff within social and healthcare settings by showing them the preventative role they can play in catalysing a reduction in malnutrition-related illnesses that often require complex treatments, prolong recovery periods, delay hospital discharges and increase NHS costs. For further information visit















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