The Value of Care Home Workers: Recognizing and Supporting Essential Staff

Article by Greg Whelan Product & Marketing Director Wellell UK Limited e:, t: 01905 774695

Working in a care home is a challenging job that requires physical, mental and emotional strength. Caregivers provide care for vulnerable, elderly and sick people which can be stressful and painful at times. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that caregivers face at work and we will also look at how innovation and new products can help reduce the burden on carers, care home-owners and managers, and contribute to the growth of the care home industry.

Teams comprise of many elements that can help to make a team great, the individuals within the team, their passion for their chosen vocation, the thought of helping others and feeling they have made a difference on a daily basis, but also the systems and medical devices that can transform their daily duties; permitting them more time to care and less time on resource hungry processes, especially at a time where care workers are generally in high demand across the UK with the much publicised staffing shortages.

*According to the ONS, there were almost 1.5m estimated open job adverts as a daily average during December 2022. Using data from the jobs search engine Textkernel, it said healthcare accounted for almost 190,000, or 12.7% of all vacancies. Healthcare also accounted for the two occupations with the largest number of job adverts nationwide, with 31,870 adverts for support workers and 21,170 for nurses.

With such an undeniably high number of job vacancies in the sector the need for smarter systems that reduce the burden on each carer and the care homes in which they work, is essential for the future of the profession and the care home industry.

Innovation is crucial for the future of care. Manufacturers such as Wellell Inc. can, through their products, help care home owners and managers to reduce the burden on carers with new tools to make their job easier and improve the quality of care for residents.

With innovative products, such as Wellells’ all-in-one “Optima Turn Mattress”, offering automatic continuous patient turning for pressure injury prevention and healing, the management of limited staffing resources can be made easier, helping to maintain those great care home teams and aiding staff retention. Afterall a happy healthy workplace leads to a happy healthy workforce and as the ONS has identified the need for carers is outweighed by carers currently available in the UK marketplace.

*Reference from Guardian Richard Partington Economics correspondent Mon 13 Feb 2023 17.05 GMT