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The Ultimate Door Closer For Care Homes

9880R-PB-TheCarerJul18Critically designed to support and maintain the integral passive fire protection within a care home – Exidor’s Guardian door closer is the only electromagnetic closer in the market specifically designed to meet the needs of residential care facilities.

Exidor are a proud UK manufacturer based in Cannock, Staffordshire, specialising in the care home market. Already UK market leaders in emergency escape hardware and electromagnetic closers, Exidor are experts in their field of fire door closers as well as escape systems.

Exidor’s Guardian electromagnetic door closer is an innovative advancement from traditional swing free closers and has been designed to take into consideration the specific needs of the Care Home environment. It has two unique features aimed to improve both the physical safety of residents and staff as well as the passive fire safety of the care facility itself.

Anti-Slam Finger Protection: The swing free mode of a closer can allow a door to slam shut. Whether this is accidental, deliberate or just caused by a draught, it poses a real risk to frail residents and care home workers alike. The Guardian closer has been specifically developed with an anti-slam function which controls and slows the motion of the door.

Drift Resistance: Unbalanced doors naturally swing open or closed, or doors can swing with a draught. This can result in residents wedging doors open and invalidating them as fire doors. Exidor’s Guardian closer offers a low level control on the door, which stops it from drifting from its open position, at the same time as allowing it to operate freely to the user.

As they are linked to the fire alarm system, they only close when you need them to.

Please contact Exidor for further information or details of a local distributor, or visit www.exidor.co.uk or call 01543 578661.


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