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The Simple Solution Transforming the Care Industry

Hannah Williams, National Account Manager at Sky, discusses the transformative impact that digital advances, such as telehealth technology, are having on care outcomes.

The social care sector is one of the latest industries to experience the benefits of digitalization. Care providers are increasingly integrating innovative technologies into care homes in recognition of its ability to empower residents, deliver joined-up care and improve care outcomes. From accessing the latest telehealth platforms and applications to help care staff provide the highest quality care, to helping residents keep in contact with family and friends, the benefits of digitalization in the care sector are numerous.

The importance of connectivity is being recognised by individuals both within the industry and beyond. Most recently, whilst addressing the House of Lords, Baroness Martha Lane-Fox highlighted the importance of implementing “beautifully designed Wi-Fi” in care homes, stressing that, with the help of Wi-Fi, care home residents and staff can easily access and effortlessly use digital services that can significantly improve care provision and quality of life for residents.

The first step towards accessing these benefits is to equip services with a Wi-Fi and connectivity platform that is specifically suited to the requirements of the care sector. The deployment of tailored connectivity packages in care homes opens up opportunities to implement digital solutions which can benefit residents and their care plans.

For example, by providing care staff with the ability to monitor residents’ health, telehealth platforms are providing novel solutions for the care industry and helping to improve care outcomes. By digitally assessing the health of residents, from the monitoring of vital signs to sensors that can detect temperature changes and alert the user when these reach extremes, essential information can be relayed immediately to care teams.

Telehealth platforms promote more responsive and effective care, which as a result can help care providers in their objective to provide personalised care of the highest quality. Digital applications such as these are easy to operate from a phone or tablet and afford care staff unprecedented flexibility by allowing key health information to be digitally stored and accessed anywhere through the use of Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

For this move towards digitalization to be successful, care homes need a connectivity package that will allow individuals to make use of these new technologies. Sky offers Wi-Fi packages that can be individually tailored to the care sector. This provision will create numerous opportunities for care homes that can be used to provide better services for their residents and allow care teams to incorporate innovative digital tools and techniques into care plans.

Enabled by Wi-Fi, digital connectivity and telehealth technologies have the potential to transform the care industry and sector leaders are recognising the immense opportunities. From increasing administrative efficiency to facilitating person-centred care delivery, investing in a tailored Wi-Fi package provides huge scope for care providers to enhance their offering and stand out from their competitors.

For more information on what Sky can do for your business and your residents, contact hannah.williams@sky.uk or visit www.business.sky.com