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The Secret To Year-Round Comfort For Swollen Feet – Discover The Wonders Of Wool

SS19_Purewool_BannerIf you suffer from swollen, sensitive feet, then you’ll appreciate the importance of wearing comfortable shoes and slippers that fit. And if you live in Britain, you’ll be familiar with the unpredictability of our climate. In a bid to bring you blissfully comfy footwear that keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, Cosyfeet have launched a range of Scandinavian-inspired styles made from wool. Specially designed to fit swollen feet, they have natural climate control so they’re perfect for our changeable weather. They’re also ideal if you have diabetes as they’re virtually seam-free.

Wool is an excellent natural alternative to leather. Soft and stretchy, it gently moulds to your feet for an ultra-comfy fit. As well as being temperature-regulating, it’s breathable, odour-resistant and wicks moisture away from the skin so feet stay healthy, fresh and dry – and it’s brilliant for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic. It’s also hardwearing and, with sheep producing a fleece a year, it’s a naturally renewable resource.

Cosyfeet’s extra roomy Purewool™ slippers are beautifully soft for indoor comfort but thanks to their rubber sole, can also be worn outside. Frieda for women and Bjorn for men have a touch-fastening strap that adjusts to fit swelling, while Donna for women is a trendy mule that’s easy to put on. And for the ultimate in foot comfort, Anna for women is lined with genuine, premium sheepskin.

If it’s a shoe that you’re after, take a look at their Katarina Purewool™ style for women. With lots of underfoot comfort, it’s fantastic for swollen, sensitive feet. The rubber sole offers outdoor comfort, grip and durability while the cushioned footbed is removable so it’s ideal if you wear an orthotic. It’s even washable at 30 degrees.

Cosyfeet footwear is made by craftsmen who mix traditional skills with the latest technology. As well as wool, they offer top-quality, extra roomy leather and fabric shoes for people with swollen feet. They also offer VAT exemption if you have a chronic medical condition and a money-back guarantee if Cosyfeet doesn’t work for you.

Contact Cosyfeet via cosyfeet.com or 01458 447275


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