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THE LEGACY LETTER CO. – New Company Preserves Final Messages For Future Generations

legacyletterIn a UK first, a new business now enables customers to ensure their stories, words and thoughts are protected for generations to come. 

The Legacy Letter Co., which launched in November, is the only UK website that allows users to compose, and if necessary update, a personalised letter that will be securely stored and physically delivered to loved ones in the event of their passing.

Bringing the art of letter writing to the 21st century, the company was launched following poignant research which revealed that over 75% of people surveyed were worried that a loved one will pass and things will remain unsaid, not allowing them to find out more about their life. So why not bring that in to our control?

The unique and simple-to-use website has been designed to cater for customers of all ages, to create and update a letter as often as needed, ensuring they have control over the legacy they leave. Once written, the letter is securely stored and in the event of the person’s passing, is printed and delivered in a wax sealed box to the intended recipients, maintaining the traditional nature of receiving a tangible letter.

Will Gilburt, founder of The Legacy Letter Co. comments; “Everyone is familiar with a Will to distribute material objects in the event of a passing. We recognised a real gap in the market for a more personal offering, allowing people to preserve something far more valuable: words.

“We have heard too many stories of people passing unexpectedly, leaving no message for their loved ones, or of letters being written but never found. Our company offers a direct solution to these unfortunate circumstances, ensuring that they need never arise.

“We cannot guarantee when our last words will be but now, we can allow people to control what they will be. Comfort your loved ones in times of grief, offer guidance for their key life moments, retell family histories or funny stories to preserve their memory – or even just pass on a favourite family recipe (or share a secret one!). Everybody has their own reason for writing to a special someone.

“Whatever the words, the process of letter writing and receival can bring peace and completeness to both the author and the recipient at a very challenging time.”

For more information visit www.thelegacyletterco.com; Prices start from £19.95.


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