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The Icing On The Cake

closomat-beverley-gazy’s-loo‘The icing on the cake” is not a typical description of a toilet, but for Beverley Gazy that is how she feels.

The toilet in question is a Closomat Palma Vita shower (wash & dry) toilet. Its installation has transformed Beverley’s ability to undertake this very intimate area of hygiene without relying on her husband to help her.

“It really does the trick, it’s the icing on the cake as far as the adaptations to my home are concerned,” she says.

Beverly, from Shortstown in Bedfordshire, suffers from fibromyalgia, a complex back problem with arthritic damage to the nerve roots, and a shoulder cuff injury. The combination meant she could no longer work, after running three businesses, and was struggling to do many daily living activities without her husband Robert’s help. On top of the pain, the restrictions were affecting her psychologically, with her mood “the lowest it could be”.

With Disabled Facilities Grant funding, and on the recommendation of her Occupational Therapist, Beverley has now had a wetroom created upstairs, a stairlift fitted, and the WC downstairs replaced with the Palma Vita.

Closomat’s Palma Vita looks like- and can be used as a conventional WC. Its integrated douching and drying functions mean if required the user is automatically cleaned without having to wipe themselves clean. Uniquely, it can be accessorised- at the outset and retrospectively- to accommodate user’s needs as they change over time. It is also fully compliant.

“I spend most of my time downstairs, so it was the logical place for the Closomat,” explains Beverley. “I am thrilled at the difference it has made to my life. Going to the toilet is such a personal thing, so to me it’s the icing on the cake to be able to go on my own. I love it, and can’t recommend it highly enough.”

The Palma Vita is the only WC of its kind developed specifically for disabled people; it is also the only one manufactured in the UK.

Closomat is also unique in giving clients a complete in-house support package- design/ specification advice, supply, install, commissioning, and ongoing service & maintenance.

Reader enquiries – Tel: 0161 969 1199; www.clos-o-mat.com; e:
info@clos-o-mat.com; www.facebook.com/clos-o-mat


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