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The Hygiene Specialist that Every Care Home Deserves

With consistently increasing life expectancy, we are also seeing an exponential rise in the demand for care. Concurrently, as people live longer, the number of people with multi-morbidity and immunodeficiency also increases, which has an impact on hygiene requirements. At the same time, the danger of multi-resistant germs has become more prevalent and, as such it is essential to ensure best practice in all areas in order to maintain efficient infection control processes. Hygiene is obviously particularly important in a care home kitchen where the avoidance of the transfer and spread of pathogens is paramount. A dishwasher plays a vital role in maintaining the requisite standards, and it is imperative to choose one that provides the appropriate levels of disinfection.

Forbes Professional is proud to be partnered with Miele, which enables us to deliver market leading dishwashing solutions to the care sector. Our Miele Commercial dishwashers are fully WRAS compliant and provide a hygiene wash that adheres with CQC and WFA requirements and is tested rigorously by both Miele and the wfk- Cleaning Technology Research Institute. Miele Professional has led the way in the prevention of the spread of hospital infections for decades, pioneering new methods for processing everything from cutlery to medical instruments. Hygiene control is firmly anchored at the root of Miele’s product design and production, and our clients know that they can trust the resulting commercial machines to reliably perform central processes.

With their outstanding hygienic performance, Miele’s commercial freshwater dishwashers provide unrivalled disinfection programmes and are the ideal solution for any care home kitchen. The PG 8059 commercial HYGIENE freshwater dishwashers achieve optimum results with impressively fast cycle times. An 85°C thermal disinfection with a five minute hold time combines with an intense pre-wash to deliver an immaculate clean, in correspondence with the most stringent medical standards.

Our experienced team provide all of the relevant advise, in terms of regulation compliance, plumbing, electrics and logistical requirements to ensure that the right procurement decisions are made. We fully install and commission all equipment, and our clients have the peace of mind afforded by our first class same/next day engineer response service. Miele has over 100 years’ of manufacturing experience, which blends seamlessly with Forbes Professional’s 92 years of customer service, to deliver the highest quality of product and reliability.


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