The Changing Face of Technology in the NHS

business-care-clinic-1282308The recent announcement that the NHS will be phasing out pagers in lieu of more modern technology shows a clear ambition from the NHS to integrate contemporary technology throughout the service.

The phasing out of pagers is a small part of the technology evolution currently being seen in the NHS, but it is an important one. Being able to effectively communicate information is essential in the delivery of outstanding care and treatment, and as such, eliminating out of date equipment is a must. It isn’t stopping just there, as the rise of artificial intelligence proves that there is still room for even more improvements in the coming future.

Within the topic of sending and receiving urgent information, the social care sector is an obvious benefactor of these improved channels of communication. As well as this, being able to precisely manage medicine and daily routines can be the difference in delivering truly outstanding, personalised care. All achieved by mitigating mistakes and raising deeper awareness of patient’s needs. The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will have this on full display when it opens its doors on the 26th and 27th March.

At the event, the entire seminar programme is CPD accredited, including a panel session on AI In Social Care, featuring representatives of Microsoft, NHS Digital, and the Institute of Public Care. Bringing in multiple expert insights, this panel will be a balanced view into the future of technology in social care, helping paint a picture of what regulation, application and integration of artificial intelligence will look like for social care in the future, and how it will help in the drive towards sustainable social care.

As well as this, the dedicated Technology and Innovation Theatre will be an exclusive space for seminars discussing the current trends in innovative technology for the social care sector. The topics covered will investigate the transition to paperless technology in order to eliminate clerical errors with Anthony Duhig from Person Centred Software and the use of technology in delivering activity programmes for service users with Anna C Park of OM Interactive LTD. Across the full programme there will be a lot for social care business owners to learn about and take in.

The NHS is evolving towards a more sustainable future, and this will be aided with the integration of this ground-breaking technology. The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will be an unprecedented chance for social care business owners to learn about this emerging technology. With this new knowledge, the integration of technology can become much smoother, and its positive effects can be felt throughout the health service.

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