The Care Bill – Learning And Development Programme

The Care Bill brings together existing care and support legislation into a new, modern set of laws and builds the system around people’s wellbeing, needs and goals.

It is due to be implemented in 2015/16 and there are major implications for the learning and development needs of the social care workforce.

Skills for Care has been asked by the Department of Health to lead a project to produce and oversee the implementation of a national learning and development programme across England. It will have nationally recognised standards and guidance to ensure consistency of delivery.

The project will identify the target workforce and produce a learning and development needs matrix detailing the learning and development needs of all roles, including level needed and priority.  All current relevant principles, standards and qualifications will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised to achieve alignment with the programme.

It is essential that the project achieves wide engagement with key stakeholders and the process will include a range of nationwide consultation activities beginning in March 2014. Skills for Care will also be working closely throughout the project with our key delivery partners the National Skills Academy for Social Care and The College of Social Work.

Following the consultation phase a comprehensive and quality assured learning and development programme will be produced, together with a suite of learning materials, support and guidance for potential learning providers/trainers, and, guidance for employers on delivering the programme. The programme will be designed for use by all care and support organisations and agencies in England and the learning and development materials will be designed to be adaptable to allow for flexibility of use, enabling each organisation to develop their own tailored approach whilst maintaining consistency. Nationwide roadshows and train the trainer workshops will be delivered across England to ensure that all those involved in running the programme have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to deliver consistent learning and development to a high standard.

Delivery of the learning and development strategy is expected to take place between October 2014 and March 2015















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