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CareBadgeThere are 2 million social care workers and 7 million more unpaid carers in the UK today*. With each carer supporting at least one person, over a quarter of the UK population is either providing or receiving care without a hospital every day. The daily impact of care is even greater, given the significant number of family members of those working in or receiving care, as well as the suppliers and employees that assist the sector across the UK.

These social care champions deliver this service each day, no matter if it’s a holiday for the rest of the population or if the weather is adverse and travel is difficult. Unfortunately, they often do so with minimal or no financial reward and without the public interest and support that other care professionals reasonably enjoy.

It is time to raise the public profile of this crucial service and the esteem in which it and its participants are held. To this end, together with Care England we are launching the CARE badge campaign as a unifying symbol of pride and quality in care.

Genesis of the CARE badge:

The CARE badge was born on the 19th March 2019, while listening to Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, highlight the challenges faced providing care and the unfortunate message that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care inadvertently sends to those involved by only wearing an NHS lapel badge. The Chairman of everyLIFE Technologies, sitting in the audience turned to his colleague and said, “we should work with Care England to change that”.

Wearing the CARE badge – a unifying symbol of pride and quality in care:

While the CARE badge is personal to every individual wearer, common benefits include:

  • • showing your involvement with and/or support of care in its many forms
  • • building a team spirit within a widely distributed care community
  • • a personal commitment to quality in care
  • • an invitation to start conversations about care
  • • to encourage recruitment and retention
  • • to reinforce the size and importance of this often-overlooked community

How to get CARE badges:

The CARE badge is sold to companies, charities and other organisations by the CARE badge CIC (community interest company). It is not sold to the public directly. Badge purchasers are both from the care industry and also those national corporations interested in supporting care workers and the carers in their own workforce e.g. supermarkets, banks, insurance companies, pharmacies etc who then distribute badges for free to their employees and their customers (badges are not for resale).

Badge purchasers are also given the right to use the CARE badge logo in their marketing materials to highlight that they CARE.

Those badge purchasers with few customer outlets can purchase additional badges for a CARE badge “pool”, that will be distributed on their behalf by the CARE badge CIC at care related events.

Order details can be found on Badges cost £1 (plus VAT when applicable), there is a minimum order size of 500 badges with a choice of three fixing styles; butterfly pin, magnetic and brooch to suit both care and non-care settings.

All profits from selling CARE badges go to care related charities:

The CARE badge CIC is administered and managed for free by everyLIFE Technologies. Costs incurred are limited to the cost of badges, badge packaging and postage. All profits from the sale of CARE badges will be distributed to care related charities, suggested and voted for online by care workers and carers and overseen by a CARE badge CIC committee.

The CARE badge launch timing:

The CARE badge campaign began with a soft launch in mid May 2019. Badges can be ordered from website. The first badges and display boxes will be delivered ahead of the public launch of the campaign on the 26th June at the Residential & Home Care Show at ExCel London and from then onwards. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts go live on the 26th June with #badge4CARE showing wearers/groups who CARE.

About Care England and everyLIFE Technologies:

Care England, a registered charity, is a leading representative body for independent care services in England. Working on behalf of small, medium and large providers, Care England speaks with a single unified voice for both members and the whole care sector.

everyLIFE Technologies Ltd provides a suite of care-planning software and apps, including the PASSsystem and openPASS, to the UK’s homecare, reablement and residential care sectors. everyLIFE is focused on serving the care sector and believes passionately in partnering with others to enhance the wellbeing of those receiving and providing care.

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