The CARE™ Badge Launch At Health + Care Show

TheCareBadgeA new CARE Badge has been launched by the Chairman of everyLIFE Technologies, Robin Batchelor and Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England.

The CARE™ badge is a unifying symbol of pride for those providing, receiving and supporting care, with all profits from the sale of CARE badges being distributed to care-related charities, suggested online by care workers and carers and overseen by a CARE badge committee.

The CARE badge was born on the 19th of March 2019 while listening to Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by those providing care and the unfortunate message that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care inadvertently sends by only wearing an NHS lapel badge.

Care England and everyLIFE Technologies have now come together in a supportive partnership to form a community interest company (CIC), to enable the design and provision of badges to care organisations.

The hope is that care providers will distribute CARE Badges amongst their staff, including frontline care workers, ancillary teams and head office personnel. The partnership is also hoping that the badges will make their way to the public to enable informal carers to feel a part of the initiative as well.

Robin says, ‘It is generally recognised that social care is misunderstood. The public needs to be supported to understand how large the sector is, the importance of the people in it and the vital work they do. It is time to join with others to change things.

‘One way of doing this is to have a simple symbol that says, “We are all in this together”. We also need to combat the loneliness that can be felt by remote care workers and informal carers. When someone sees somebody else wearing a CARE Badge, they will know they can stop and have a chat, swap stories and ask for advice. It’s an invitation to have a conversation and recognise what’s an important industry that does a lot for the country.

‘We should be proud of those who care, so these badges are for everyone, including all services that are additional to, and just as vital as, the NHS. Every day, a quarter of the population in England is giving or receiving care. This needs to be brought home to people – and it must be recognised, appreciated and supported.’

The long-term goal is that any person involved in care in some capacity will be able to get a CARE Badge should they want one. everyLIFE’s initial stock of 20,000 badges has already been replenished with a further 10,000, given the demand experienced so far, and these will be distributed amongst the care community upon official launch.


Badge purchasers are typically from the care industry as well as those national corporations supportive of social care and the carers in their own workforce e.g. supermarkets, banks, insurance companies, pharmacies etc. who then make badges available for free to their employees and customers.


Badges cost £1 each and there is a minimum order size of 100, with a choice of three fixing styles; butterfly pin, magnetic and brooch to suit both care and non-care settings.


Badge purchasers also have the right to use the CARE badge logo in their marketing materials to highlight that they too CARE.


CARE badges can be ordered now and will be delivered in time for the public launch at The Residential & Home Care Show at ExCel London on 26-27 June 2019 onwards.



















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