The Access Group Launches Platform to Make Policies and Procedures Management Easy for Care Providers

The Access Group has added Access Policies & Procedures to its Care Management Software suite to help busy care managers stay on top of and be able to evidence compliance to the CQC.

Access Policies & Procedures, which is the newest tool in The Access Group’s Care Management Software, contains over 260 policies for Care providers in England. These policies are continuously reviewed by a team of expert policy writers, in line with updates in the sector, to ensure documentation is kept up-to-date. Care providers can easily upload their own documentation to the platform and a print option is also available.

The solution is designed to help both new and established care providers improve efficiency and get the best ratings possible from the CQC for the quality care they provide.

Through the platform, documents can be updated quickly and allocated to relevant groups. Care staff can easily see what documentation they need to read and confirm they have understood the information with just the click of a button. All documentation is written in plain English, there is a translation feature and easy read versions are available on key items too.

Activity is visible in one dashboard, allowing managers to review and chase up outstanding items and demonstrate compliance to a regulator in a simple snapshot. Overall, making it easier for carers to keep up to date the latest policies.

Access Health and Social Care works with more than 10,500 registered care locations in the UK, including over 6,000 care and nursing homes and around 4,500 community care agencies. Its managing director, Steve Sawyer, sees the new platform as another step in the care solution provider’s vision to help care settings reduce time consuming tasks that take them away from their focus on providing quality care, he said;

“Access Policies & Procedures will make demonstrating compliance much easier for care managers. They will be able to manage and distribute policies to those who need to read them and can quickly identify any issues or instances where care workers need to be brought up to date. All actions are captured in an easy to view dashboard which can be used to help demonstrate compliance to the CQC.

“Provision of top quality care is a key focus of all care providers. Our vision is to provide tools which remove time consuming tasks that are of course important, but ultimately take care workers and managers away from serving the needs of their residents and service users. Access Policies & Procedures makes compliance management easy, for what is a traditionally time consuming and complicated process.

“All home care and care home providers in England require policies and procedures to become a registered Care provider and maintain the ability to provide care. It is crucial for them to remain compliant. Access Policies & Procedures is a vital tool for care settings. We will be updating each policy in line with regulatory requirements and carrying out bulk updates twice annually to support settings with their compliance. We are confident in the quality of our policies as we have a team of expert policy writers who, collectively, have over 150 years of experience in the sector.”

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