Still Going Strong After 38 Years Providing Specialist Bathing Solutions

Not a lot has changed in the 38 years that I have been in the business of providing bathing solutions. In 1984, I sold my first Appollo seat lift bath. The bathtubs were made of GRP and the lifting power was hydraulic fluid power. The baths were basically oblong & white.

Roy Parker (of Parker Baths) had a tilting bath and then a height adjustable bath came along. Other than changing from hydraulics to electronic lifting, everything is more or less the same.

What has changed is the number of suppliers and the choice of manufacturer. Indeed the improvement in the supply chains has changed the market considerably. The customer is king, and I.T. has given the customer the power to compare all makes of bath along price lines that are more competitive.

A good distributor can now supply a much wider range of products, and manufacturers are buying in to this concept. A good dealership can offer a wealth of information and skill sets that will help the customer to make the right choices. That is why after 38 years in manufacturing assisted baths, I have now opened an online purchasing platform at www.

We can now offer excellent prices on a wide range of products and help our customers make the decisions that are right for them.

Visit our website today,

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