Starring Role For Daphne, 93, As Care Home Becomes Pub

Pub 2A 93-YEAR-OLD resident found herself manning the pumps when a Dorset care home turned into a pub to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Daphne Studd was invited to serve behind the ‘bar’ when Colten Care’s Canford Chase in Poole became the ‘Canford Chase Arms.’

Authentic beer pumps, mats and coasters were set up in the home’s reception area which was also decorated with Irish shamrocks.

Drinks, including Guinness, were served to residents to the accompaniment of Irish music.

Maria Grant, Activity Organiser, said: “We’ve held pub parties in the past, including one to highlight Parkinson’s Awareness Week, but this is the first time we’ve organised one for St Patrick’s Day.

“It’s a fun way of celebrating Ireland’s national day and we’ll do another to mark St George’s Day. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, including Daphne who is always a great sport.”





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