Social Care Reform & Resource Allocation – Kings Fund Conference

This conference takes place 28 Feb 2014.

A National Conference that reviews the use of eligibility criteria and Resource Allocation Systems (RAS) in the context of the Adult Law Reform programme – spearheaded in England by the Care Bill and in Wales, by the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill.

The Conference commences with a Key Note Address by Joan Bakewell, now Baroness Bakewell DBE (the Government’s Voice for Older People). It brings together leading experts on the practical impact of RAS, eligibility criteria and Adult Law Reform.

Professor Peter Beresford of Brunel University and Colin Slasberg have undertaken extensive research concerning the disappointing progress of the self directed support/personalisation initiative:

research which identifies the need for major changes to the nature and content of eligibility decisions. Sarah Carr, through her extensive experience in both the statutory and independent sectors, will provide further context to the discussions by focusing on user participation and the demands of ‘equality’ principles in personalising social care.

The Conference will also hear from Dr Lucy Series and Professor Luke Clements of the Cardiff Law School whose research suggests that RAS (in their current form) have failed both for disabled people and for local authorities. Professor Clements’ presentation will concentrate on the impact of the new legislation, given that (1) the FACS criteria are to be recast and embedded in the new legislation ; and (2) some form of RAS mechanism will probably be needed to implement the ‘Dilnot’ reforms.

The Conference is jointly promoted by the School of Health Sciences and Social Care, Brunel University and Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University.

The Conference provides an opportunity for discussion, and debate and will be of especial relevance to those who are affected by the proposed legislation be they involved as service users, advocates, health and social care policy makers / practitioners, lawyers, researchers, independent sector service providers and policy activists.















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