Scooter Store Limited

scooterstoreScooter Store Limited is an established company with over twenty five years’ experience, which has become very popular especially with the elderly and disabled community nationwide.

The concept of a small, easy to use store for securing mobility vehicles has been extremely well received by many local authorities. Housing Associations, County, City and Borough Councils as well as charitable organisations have installed Scooter Stores throughout the country with great success; whilst thousands have been exported to Europe. This has solved storage and independence issues for many people.

In our experience we have found that many people who use mobility scooters find it very difficult getting their scooter in and out of their property without help or assistance.
Storing them in living rooms and hallways is not always ideal as they take up a lot of room and can cause fire hazards.

The scooter store itself is simple and was designed in response to a demand from the public. The standard unit is 1525mm long x 1220mm wide x 1070mm high and made of 2mm steel the store comes in a green finish.

Bespoke scooter stores can be manufactured to different sizes to suit your specific mobility scooter requirements. Our Scooter Stores are delivered flat packed for installation to inaccessible places and are installed by our fully trained engineers. Our scooter stores are all push button controlled and fully lockable. A socket for charging the scooter is provided within the store. The Scooter Store requires very little maintenance.

The Scooter Store is such a marvellous alternative which is secure and theft proof, and because it is so easy to use independence can be greatly improved for mobility vehicle users.

Scooter Store Limited, Unit 11 Riverside Business Park, Cambridge Road, Harlow,Essex, CM20 2HE
Tel: 01279 453565
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