SCIE Calls On G8 Members To Focus On Research

SCIE Dementia Gateway relaunched and new partnership between SCIE and Salford Institute for Dementia announced

On the day of the G8 Dementia Summit, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is calling on G8 members to focus on research into supporting people with dementia, as well research into the causes of dementia.

SCIE’s Chair, Lord Michael Bichard, says: “G8 members must remember the essential role of social care and support for people with dementia, their family and friends. Research and guidance in this area is as crucial as medical research into the causes of dementia. That is why today SCIE is relaunching our updated Dementia Gateway, and announcing our partnership with the new Salford Institute for Dementia. SCIE’s Dementia Gateway is a unique resource. It brings together the research about what works, interprets that knowledge into practice advice, and presents guidance in accessible ways including short films, elearning materials and key messages. It is essential reading for everyone who wants to understand dementia, including care and health staff, and the general public.”

Speaking about SCIE’s partnership with the new Salford Institute for Dementia, Lord Bichard said:

“SCIE is delighted to be working with the new Salford Institute for Dementia. We will share the knowledge and resources developed by the new institute through our Dementia Gateway.”

SCIE spoke to carers of people with dementia. They say they value the films about “Getting to know the person with dementia film”. Nikola, a carer who’s supported by Innovations in Dementia says: “I’ve just watched the film and thought it was wonderful and very factual. I’ve shared on Facebook because I want as many people as possible to see it.”

SCIE’s Dementia Gateway is an online advice, information and training tool. Originally launched in 2009, the Gateway has been redeveloped and relaunched to coincide with the G8 Summit.

It has been produced in partnership with people with dementia, carers, care providers, trainers and academics. Carers have been involved in reviewing the whole site and in the development of a new section Working in partnership with carers.

The Gateway focuses on the topics that people with dementia and their carers have told us are important. The redeveloped edition covers over 70 topics, grouped under three main headings:

  • Understanding dementia – what it is, early signs and symptoms, what treatments and support are on offer after diagnosis, and how the illness progresses.
  • Living with dementia – staying active, eating well, making decisions.
  • Dementia friendly environments – making places and spaces work well for people with dementia, whether they are at home or in a care home.

A review of similar services in the UK and abroad suggests that the Gateway is unique in combining:

  • a comprehensive range of topics for both families and professionals
  • information co-produced with people who have dementia
  • the option to view the most relevant information by audience
  • topics presented in a range of formats, including film and interactive e-learning.

One of the films in the Dementia Gateway- Getting to know the person with dementia – the importance of diagnosis  – recently won an award at the Older People in the Media Awards.

The redeveloped Gateway has been widely welcomed by the sector.

Sharon Blackburn, Co-chair, Dementia Action Alliance and Policy & Communications Director, National Care Forum welcomed the relaunch of the Gateway: “SCIE’s Dementia Gateway is written by people and is for people with dementia and their carers. It serves as an excellent learning resource for staff across all settings. The site is accessible and easy to navigate and provides an authoritative information point for all concerned.”















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