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Saving Care Staff One Hour Per Day

Quinton-House-1Quinton House is a nursing home near Stratford-upon-Avon. The staff here work hard to ensure residents are cared for to a high standard. To support their staff the best way possible, they have invested in digital care planning. An investment that has now returned manifold.

Better information sharing and evidencing

By using the Sekoia tablets for digital care planning staff can access and deliver relevant information quicker and easier than before – on paper. All information is in the same place. And staff have their own log of events, which automatically time stamps every part of care delivery. Giving the best prerequisites for providing even better care.

“You have the screens, you know where to access the paperwork you don’t have to go to different places to find them and everything is clear, everything is legible so information sharing is a lot better and there’s an audit trail -everything is time-stamped,” nurse and Deputy Manager, Kate Pascual, explains.

Efficient and cost saving

For Quinton House, the decision to implement Sekoia was based on several factors. Printing 30,000 sheets of paper each month is not cost-efficient and the large amount of paperwork was a real burden to the staff.

“From doing something which originally took us five to ten minutes: Two minutes, and it’s done. And rather than being with paperwork, you’re with the resident”, Kate Pascual explains.

This new and improved way of working has resulted in a significant decrease in the time spend on recording and documentation. The first analysis shows that care assistants use more than one hour less per day on their documentation. Managing Director Bill Mehta elaborates:

“It’s not all about the cost-saving, it’s about freeing up the staff, freeing up the nurses working day, freeing up the carers to spend more time with the residents and their families.”

For further information, call (0)20 7751 4010 or email contact@sekoia-care.co.uk


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