Safer Drinkware and Catering Products for Staff and Residents

Who are BBP Marketing Ltd?
BBP Marketing is a family-owned company based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire established in 1882.

BBP is recognised leader in the design and manufacture of reusable drinkware and catering products. We have a large range of styles & sizes and continually expand our range in order to meet our customer’s needs.

Why use BBP Marketing?
We understand the importance of taking care of our planet, which is why we take pride in our products being reusable, as well as recyclable at end of life. They are machine washer safe, virtually unbreakable and can last a lifetime. Not only are our products helping the environment, they are also designed with you in mind. Whether it be a bowl with easy grip handles either side for better stability or a plate with cover to keep your food fresher for longer, we strive to make products that are suitable for everyday use.

The benefits of using Polycarbonate over glass are endless. Not only does it eliminate opportunities for injuries which can occur during glass breakages, it also ensures a safer environment that we know is important within the care sector as well as the hospitality industry.

Polycarbonate, whilst being lightweight, is also a great insulator of hot or cold liquid. It serves as a thermal barrier to protect the user’s hands from hot or cold contents, whilst keeping the liquid at the desired temperature for longer.

You may have seen already our patient water jug designed specifically for the NHS in hospitals around the United Kingdom. We worked closely with the NHS Nursing Team and in-turn successfully created a product that meets the needs of both patient and staff. We always welcome the opportunity to work with clients who hold new and exciting ideas, that fill a gap in the market. Branding, logo printing and further bespoke work can also be implemented upon request.

How do we purchase?
We have a reputable list of distributors across the globe, who can supply our products along with other complimentary items to suit your needs. Please ask your distributor for our products or email us and we will be happy to recommend a suitable distributor.

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