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Revolutionising Care Home Laundry: The Genius Choice

Ensuring clean and comfortable clothes and bedding for care home residents is a fundamental requirement, alongside the imperative of achieving 100% effective laundry disinfection. An increasing number of care homes are also choosing to clean and finish staff workwear and uniforms in their on-premise laundry. In today’s landscape, managing operating costs and enhancing sustainability essential, necessitating a focus on reducing laundry energy and water consumption.

While all washing machines may appear similar at first glance, the latest advancements in smart technology have transformed the landscape. Girbau’s GS7 Genius Internet-enabled washer range sets a new standard for energy efficiency and innovation, with capacities ranging from 9 to 32kg.

The next-generation washers are engineered to minimize water, detergent, and energy usage while maximizing productivity. With a high spin speed capable of achieving up to 450G extract force, they ensure remarkable water extraction, faster drying, and reduced energy consumption. For a typical machine completing eight cycles per day, the saving can be as much as £725 a year, based on an electricity price of 25p per kWh.

The tangible benefits are significant. By reducing drying time by at least 10% and cutting drying energy consumption by up to 30%, the Genius GS7018 sets a new benchmark for efficiency. Compared to leading competitors, it consumes substantially less energy per load cycle, translating to substantial annual savings.

Moreover, an optional integral weighing system ensures precise load measurement, automatically adjusting programs to optimize cycle time, minimize water and chemical usage, and enhance productivity. Durability and programmability are further hallmarks of Genius washers, which also offer automatic chemical dosing.

The innovative Care Plus Drum extends linen life and minimizes tangling, while ergonomic design features such as a wide door opening facilitate easier loading and unloading. The user-friendly 10-inch colour touch screen is designed to work with gloved hands.

Girbau’s Sapphire remote-control software enables seamless management, production reporting, and real-time data analysis from any device, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with thermal disinfection protocols essential for care homes.

For energy efficient drying, Girbau’s superbly engineered ED series dryers ensure all items are dried safely, uniformly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Their unique Transflow technology combines radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency, reduced cycle times and lower energy costs. Cabinet insulation and a double-glazed door also prevent heat escaping.

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