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Reval – Leaders in Assisted Bathing

Reval have been manufacturing assisted bathing and showering products for more than 46 years. Reval has a wide and varied range of high-end equipment uses and available and used extensively is all healthcare sectors.

Our range includes.

• Assisted bathing systems.
• Ceiling track and mobile hoists.
• Assisted showering appliances and wet room equipment.
• Shower and sluice systems.
• Hydro-therapy pools and changing room.

As a manufacturer, we can offer a direct service – delivering best value for our customers. All services are delivered by our highly trained product specialists and tech-service teams. Our aim is to deliver a seamless service based on careful planning, process, expertise and our unravelled “Know How”.

The truly unique thing about Reval is its business model. To explain; unlike all other equipment providers in our sector, Reval strategy is based on delivering quality products designed to be long-term-reliable which only require preventative maintenance annually.

Our three year no-quibble warranty policy provides clients with peace of mind Reval and ensure your costs are minimised. We are not interested in tying customers into expensive service contracts. This is not our strategy! Our strategy means we can be leaner and more controlled thanks to “Just – in – Time” parts sourcing process, making parts immediately available improving our service to our clients.

Reval design and manufacture highly innovative products to improve lives, outcomes, and working environments. This approach to design-manufacturing, enables care operators to limit their risks and optimise their services and patient outcomes. Our team of field-based product specialists are highly trained and competent in all the disciplines required to conduct holistic product assessment, technical building surveys, and commercial aspects of product provision.

Our strategy and emphasis are on undisrupted service over the lifetime of your appliance. Reval’s spare parts business is less than 10% of its total business, proving further our company’s commitment to quality and reliability, and we are constantly working to develop new ways to reduce our aftersales business because in doing so we pass on savings and service continuation to you over the lifetime of your product.

Most of all; Reval is renowned for its innovation and its ability to design products that make a difference. To improve your service and profitability or if you are looking for that products which truly makes a difference, give us a call today, there nothing to lose.

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