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Reducing Falls with Bide

Dr Tom Adler was a GP for 30 years. He often witnessed the devastating effects of accidental falls on the faller, their carers and also the resource implications for the NHS and Social Care.

Tom says, “Falls are most common in our older populations, and those living with frailty. Falls are also three times more frequent in care homes. A third of falls occur at nighttime, and in the care sector, these can be triggered by low blood pressure, medication issues, disorientation, mobility issues, confusion, dementia, and unfamiliarity with surroundings. I felt that something had to change!

“Although there were many innovations aimed at detecting falls once they had occurred, there was little to prevent the falls in the first place. It was at that moment that the idea for Bide was born. Bide is our simple to set up and use bedside device aimed to prevent falls and provide user and carer reassurance. Light and motion sensors detect that the user is awake, then Bide plays pre-recorded voice messages from the carer or loved-one encouraging them to stay safer.

“User feedback has been fantastic and we’re very excited about future opportunities as we scale Bide within the care sector.”