Reduce Your Operating Costs!!

The first 10 CARE HOMES to respond will receive a FREE SURVEY to identify potential savings and recommendations for how you can realise:
· Precise control of engineering and building services to reduce costs:
• Plant room, water tanks, hot and cold distribution, heating and ventilating, lighting
· Laundry services to achieve hygienic standards HTM01-04 compliant:
Optimum processing of bed linen, towels, staff uniforms and residents clothing

· Health and Safety standards for your residents, staff and the building(s):
HSG220 is the recognised guidance for implementation in CARE HOMES
ACoP L8 and HTM04-01 compliance to ensure Legionella control
Public Health England Covid 19 guidance on PPE and operational procedures
· Sustainability, carbon footprinting to achieve a ‘net zero’ emissions strategy

Call or Email NOW: 07831 873355 or email
Opeque can assist in reducing energy bills, complying with legislation, managing health and safety and achieving a sustainable operation.
Over years, Opeque has worked with various industry sectors, from tyre manufacturing to laundries, schools to hotels and hospitals to care homes, optimising their manufacturing procedures and facilities management.

Applying industrial engineering principles, we address productivity, resource efficiency, quality control, health and safety and asset management, bringing people, utilities, equipment, and buildings together to realise product excellence.
We have worked with many care homes to provide laundry services and water hygiene and it is from these close relationships that we believe we can further assist your CARE HOME to reduce.

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