Red1’s Energy Reduction Campaign


Nursing Home 1 is a Grade 2 stone listed building originally built in the 18th century.

The home provides facilities and services including Respite care, Nursing home care and Residential EMI care (Elderly Mentally Infirm). The premises are maintained to a good standard however the equipment is old and inefficient. The focus was to reduce the client’s energy costs and carbon footprint. Due to the type of business the home requires a constant heat demand.


Red1 Group Ltd collated site specific information regarding current energy consumption, usage, current equipment and running hours. With this information we were able to produce a proposal for the client outlining the offering and most importantly the savings.

The current three boilers ranged from 10 – 20 yrs old and efficiencies ranging from 60 – 75% when new.

The current lights on site were mostly standard filament or halogen fittings.

The home currently uses 41,000 kW of electricity on lighting and 680,000 kW of Gas.

Red1 Group would install new boilers and LED lighting throughout the premises at no cost to the client.


Red1 Group installed the new boilers and LED lighting with the following results.

Gas consumption reduced by approximately 35%

Electricity lighting consumption reduced by approximately 78%

The client will save over £30,000 in a 5 year period.

All of this was achieved with no cost to the client utilising Red1 Groups scheme.

If the client was to pay for the reduction scheme the total cost would be in excess of £37,000.

To find out how Red1 Group could cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon emissions please contact us.

Call us on 0330 113 7750 or visit

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