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Recruiting Success with CVMinder ATS

Care recruiting is currently challenging. So, why is CVMinder ATS a great choice for Care Providers? Stuart Haddow, MD, suggests that its Ambassador Customers make the biggest difference. Ambassadors include senior HR leaders from the Care sector. “They have proven to be great at overcoming recruiting headwinds” says Stuart. CVMinder’s Ambassador Customers also guide CVMinder product improvement programme.

Using that great guidance delivers a competitive advantage for all CVMinder Care customers. Jack Morgan of Local Solutions agrees. “CVMinder has made the process as smooth and as streamlined as possible. That’s is critical when recruiting in a demanding sector like care. It gives us central control of everything and the management information we generate from CVMinder has helped to improve our recruiting approach. Without CVMinder our recruiting costs would be much higher and good candidates would be lost in the administration clutter.”

Donna Newell of The Kent Autistic Trust says “CVMinder ensures that we are being responsive to applicants and the demands of our managers. Having a one stop shop means that we can post and update jobs at the touch of a button. Receiving all applications online and using filter questions enables our recruiters to shortlist batches of applicants swiftly.”

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