QCS Supports Down’s Syndrome Charity To Launch National Video Learning Programme

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), a leading content provider for the care, health and learning sectors, is proud to support 21 Together, a Kent-based Down’s syndrome charity, to roll-out a national Covid-19 learning programme on Christmas Eve.

QCS has provided 21 Together with both funding and logistical resources to launch this online learning resource, Teach Me Too, which is a library of educational videos designed to help develop skills in speech, language and cognition. Thanks to QCS’s support, the learning resource, which has been designed specifically for children with Down’s syndrome, will now be free to access both in the UK and around the world.

The first batch of videos, which are focused on developing Speech & Language, cognition and learning skills, will be launched in time for Christmas to help deliver on the promise of a gift for every child.

The videos, which have been specifically designed to focus on ‘stage’ rather than ‘age’ break new ground. By taking an innovative and non-conventional approach to learning, 21 Together have ensured that they can be accessed and enjoyed by a wide range of ages.

21 Together charity manager, Jo Aiyathurai explains, “As parents, we understand the learning challenges that children with Down’s syndrome face. While they can flourish in a mainstream learning environment, in order to do so, they need to learn visually, rather than through auditory learning techniques. These videos – which prioritise ‘stage’ rather than ‘age’ – recognise that children with Down’s syndrome can begin their reading journey from the age of two, and, with the right support, some can achieve expected reading milestones when they start school. We think that is life changing and are grateful to QCS for all its support.”

QCS’s partnership with 21 Together is part of a wider goal to drive innovation, to make content more accessible to providers, to move it beyond compliance and in doing so, to make it available to new sectors, markets and geographies. As part of this strategy, QCS is supporting the work of experts in a number of different fields in a raft of sectors, including dementia care, where QCS is collaborating with Jackie Pool, a frontline dementia care expert, to further develop the QCS PAL Instrument, a tool which assesses cognitive ability.

Mat Whittingham, QCS’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder, said, “We’re delighted, excited and honoured to be supporting 21 Together’s Teach Me Too programme. When we met with Jo and her team, what really shone through was a passion and determination to make this game-changing learning resource universally available to every person with Down’s syndrome. At QCS, we’re focused on helping those that care to go above and beyond standards and regulations. With this in mind, we will do all that we can to support 21 Together to launch and develop this unique and pioneering video learning resource.”

Jo Aiyathurai added, “Every child, regardless of background, income, or family situation deserves access to education materials that meet their needs. For too long access has only been available to those that can pay for it and that is what 21 Together wanted to change. As a group, we are extremely proud of our achievement and are incredibly grateful to Quality Compliance Systems. QCS has been pivotal in enabling us to make the project accessible to the world, and our whole community will benefit because of their support.”












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