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Q1 Mobile Water Mist Sprinkler from Headway UK

headwayq1The Q1 Mobile Water Mist Sprinkler is a new type of easily installed, enhanced fire protection system developed for existing living environments with a heightened need for fire protection. E.g. for the elderly, vulnerable, people with dementia or physical disabilities in residential care or in their own home. The product is specifically designed to offer a fire protection system that is reliable, simple and cost effective.

High pressure water mist technology offers very effective fire suppression while minimizing water damage to buildings and belongings. The Q1 requires no permanent installation allowing for low initial and running costs and minimal maintenance.

Q1 is activated early during a fire via the Siemens detector and delays fire growth. The chance of survival for the protected person increases dramatically. For maximum reliability in differing environments the Q1 can be equipped with multiple independent detectors monitoring smoke, flames and temperature rise.

By delaying the fire growth the Q1 reduces the risks during rescue. The Q1 uses a programmable control system and can be connected to external alarm systems, e.g. red care phone systems, and can be equipped with a variety of additional functions.

The Q1 is reconfigurable – Individually controlled nozzles can be fitted and positioned to give additional optimal protection to higher risk areas. Several rooms can be individually protected using only one Q1 unit.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Headway UK are able to offer installation and maintenance support in all fire protection and detection systems.

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