Pro-Cal® powder from Vitaflo® International

Vitaflo® International Ltd. are a medical nutrition company dedicated to developing high quality, innovative specialised clinical nutrition products for Metabolic Disorders, Nutrition Support and other areas such as Renal Disease and Ketogenic Diets.

Malnutrition is recognised as a significant burden on the NHS and in the community, estimated to affect over 1.3million people over the age of 65, and the huge majority of these people are those living in the community, either at home or in residential care/ nursing homes1. Vitaflo have two great products which can help support those with malnutrition:

– Pro-Cal® powder is a powdered, neutral tasting food fortifier. It is a blend of protein, fat and carbohydrate which can be added to a variety of food and drink. It enhances the energy and protein content with minimal effect on taste, volume and texture. Pro-Cal powder is available in boxes of single serve 15g sachets, and also in tubs. The 12.5kg or 1.5kg tubs are ideal for use in catering facilities such as care/nursing homes or hospital kitchens. One 15g sachet or one 15g scoop provides 100kcal and 2g of protein.

Vitaflo dietitians alongside our in-house chef work hard to develop a range of supporting items to help with the use of these products. These include “Handy hints” providing quick and easy tips on how to add these products to food and drink. We also have more detailed recipe books to give further support for making meals, desserts, snacks, and smoothies. We are currently developing a Pro-Cal powder catering recipe book which we hope to launch later this year to further support the use of this product in care/ nursing homes or hospital catering.

For more information or to order samples of Pro-Cal powder, please contact your local Vitaflo representative or speak to our team of dietitians on our nutritional helpline on 01517024937.

See the advert on page 33 for further details.

Pro-Cal shot® and Pro-Cal® powder are foods for special medical purposes. Must be used under medical supervision.

Allergens: Pro-Cal shot contains milk (milk protein, lactose) and soya (soya lecithin). Pro-Cal powder contains milk (milk protein).

Pro-Cal shot is suitable for use from 1 year of age. Pro-Cal powder is suitable for use from 3 years of age.

1 Maltnutrition in the UK, The Malnutrition Taskforce: