Priorities For Operational Success Within The Care Home

By Nicola Whittaker, National Account Manager at Miele Professional (

Whilst the pressures of the pandemic have eased, its lasting impact on the care industry can’t be overlooked, with many carers finding it difficult to remember life before Covid-19. Last year, Miele Professional conducted research with senior care professionals to find out what they expected the future of care to look like in a post-Covid environment and what needs to be the focus for long term operational success. Here are three key areas that were highlighted:

1. Infection prevention
Infection prevention has always been crucial within the care industry; however, the pandemic forced care homes to implement and adhere to increased hygiene measures to help manage infection outbreaks. Consequently, 91% of respondents have experienced challenges with changing rules and regulations and are on the brink of information overload. Despite this, 88% believe that these changes have had an overall positive impact and as a result, will continue to focus on infection prevention methods to achieve operational success.

2. Recruitment
The care industry suffered with recruitment and retention issues long before the pandemic, yet staff turnover is rising – unfortunately, this is at a time when people are increasingly needing care services. According to 37% of the survey respondents, Covid-19 had a direct impact on staff working hours causing ‘burnout’, additional stress, and influencing workers to leave the profession. 81% of senior care professionals claim that staff shortages are moderately to extremely challenging and there isn’t any expectation that this will get better anytime soon.

3. Quality of life
Isolation, visitor restrictions and shielding were implemented within care homes to better protect residents from the transmission of Covid-19 but this came at a cost. Nearly a third of respondents agreed that quality of life for care home residents declined substantially throughout the pandemic as they were not given the experiences they needed to ‘live life’. Both short and long term, the value of life needs to be at the heart of the care industry, with one forum participant commenting, “it’s about the quality of life, not longevity”. Now more than ever, carers play an important role in helping facilitate this through the organisation of activities in tandem with ensuring infection prevention protocols are followed to keep residents both safe and engaged.

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