Pjama® Incontinence & Bedwetting Solution for Adults and Children

Pjama® garments are reusable and washable incontinence and bedwetting long and short pyjama pants. Unique and patented, the Pjama® are suitable for adults and children. Designed to be effective, discreet, convenient and comfortable for use at night and during resting or convalescing, the Pjama® garments are washable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Pjama® garments absorb and contain fluids, hence the Pjama® make coping with urinary incontinence and bedwetting simple and easy. There is no need to sleep on absorbent bed pads or waterproof mattress protectors, because the Pjama® pants protect the bed from wetness. There is no need to wear underpants as the Pjama® are most effective, when worn directly on the body. After wetting accidents occur, the Pjama® pants continue to be dry on the outside, but become moist on the inside. The wetness alerts the wearer to the wetting accident and the need to change into a dry garment. Wet Pjamas® can be stored in a the waterproof Pjama® bag for hygiene until machine washing.

Pjama® pants are made in 4 adult sizes and 5 children’s sizes. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Supplied by Win Health Medical Ltd – 01835 864866 – www.win-health.com