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Picking The Right Pressure Care Solutions For Your Care Home

5341-056©McAteerPressure sores are a common problem in Care Home environments, and can seriously affect the quality of life of residents. Thankfully this weighty problem can be solved with the lightest of touches, by knowing and understanding the needs of your residents and ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

The key to keeping on top of pressure care is knowing your residents needs, and ensuring you have the right solutions to their current and potential issues. Having a healthy range of pressure care solutions that can cater for patient needs, from low risk requirements to those at a very high risk of developing pressure sores and often having something that can cater for Bariatric requirements is important in being responsive to your residents needs.

Make sure when purchasing your mattresses, that the organization you bought them from ensures they include detailed instructions, and where needed, provide training on how to operate.

Spearhead Healthcare have a huge range of specially engineered pressure care solutions, as well as everything else a care home could need, and are available to discuss you requirements and help you get the right solutions for your care home.

Call us today on 0345 180 1800 to discuss your requirements, and find out how we can help or visit www.spearheadhealthcare.co.uk


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