Penile Retraction and Incontinence

As you get older, your penis and testicles may get slightly smaller. One reason is the build-up of fatty deposits in your arteries reducing blood flow to your penis. This can cause withering of the tissue cells in the spongy tubes of erectile tissue inside your penis making it awkward to stand at urinal to urinate – but having incontinence on top of this can make matters very difficult to manage.

If you suffer from Penile Retraction and Incontinence – Men’s Liberty has you covered:

Men’s Liberty is the discreet, dignified, dependable alternative for urinary incontinence that you have been looking for. It is made of a gentle, skin-friendly material called hydrocolloid, a proprietary adhesive that softly stretches and moves with a man as he changes position. Unlike diapers that can cause diaper rash, yeast infections, and dermatitis, Men’s Liberty attaches to the tip of a man’s anatomy, directing urine to a discreet collection pouch. It’s comfortable, unnoticeable to others, and -best of all secure.

Male External Catheter
• Designed for everyday use.
• Directs urine away from the skin.
• A completely external urine collection system.
• One size fits most anatomy.

One Men’s Liberty keeps you dry and comfortable for up to 24 hours. Available on NHS GP Prescription, we can post you samples to try out – just call us on 01923237795 or email or visit for more information.

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