Otiom – Dementia Tracking System

Of the estimated 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia, roughly 50% will wander with purpose and become lost during their condition. When someone with dementia is reported as a missing person, the police treat it as a high priority and put a lot of resources into finding that person as quickly as possible.

Technology can play a big part in preventing people with dementia from becoming lost and GPS technology has proven popular.

Otiom is the only device of its type that is a registered class 1 medical device and has therefore undergone a rigorous testing protocol to comply with the European Medical Device Regulations.

Otiom Offers peace of mind and freedom, allowing people to move more freely. It’s a game-changing addition to the support of carers with a growing number of people living with dementia globally. Advantages include the ability to track indoors and outdoors, low cost, low maintenance, superior battery life, and improved communication stability. We offer Otiom to both care homes and private users.

Otiom has been developed over several years, backed by extensive research in the field of dementia. It is the result of a collaboration with relatives, caregivers, and people with dementia.

Since Pentland Medical launched Otiom exclusively in the UK, we have worked extensively with the Alzheimer Society and Alzheimer Scotland. At the time of writing, we are testing Otiom with the Alzheimer Society and expect to be listed as an official partner on their website in due course.

Visit www.pentlandmedical.co.uk or scan the QR code in the advert on this page for further details.

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