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Omnitex Hygiene Products

Omnitex represents all round protection and hygiene products. Launched in 2015 it has quickly become a brand synonymous with high quality, used everyday by thousands of individuals and healthcare facilities throughout the UK and Europe. All products are manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified facilities.

Omnitex No Rinse Body Cleansing Foam

Lightly fragranced, rinse-free body cleansing foam to deodorise, nourish and protect individuals that cannot take a shower. Enriching formula that also forms a barrier layer whilst cleansing to ensure skin remains moist and protected from sores and body fluids.

• Dermatologically tested to be used on even the most sensitive skin.
• Ideal for bariatric patients and continence care.
• Infused herbal extracts and vitamins make skin healthier.
• Unique formula to avoid rashes developing in perineal region.
• Paraben Free, Alcohol Free and pH balanced
• Rinse-Free, apply and wipe off.
• Bottles made with minimum 30% recycled materials.
• Developed and Formulated in the UK.
• Space to write Patient’s name
• 500ml

Omnitex No Rinse Shampoo & Conditioner

A deeply nourishing rinse-free Shampoo and Conditioner, made with non-toxic medical grade ingredients to facilitate thorough cleaning of hair and strengthening of follicles without using water. Perfectly formulated, through extensive research & development, to lift debris and oils whilst making hair look vibrant and soft with a fresh look.

• No Water required: apply, massage and wipe off.
• Balanced and Ideal consistency to avoid runoffs
• Vitamins added to nourish scalp and provide lasting protection
• Essential Leaf oils make hair look Soft and Shiny
• Mild fresh fragrance
• Non-Greasy and Non-sticky
• Dermatologically tested to be Non-Irritating and Non-Toxic
• Paraben Free, Alcohol Free and pH balanced
• Bottles made with minimum 30% recycled materials.
• Developed and Formulated in the UK.
• Space to write Patient’s name
• 500ml

Omnitex Biodegradable Body Cleansing Wipes, Extra Thick & Extra Large, No Rinse

Omnitex Biodegradable wipes are made of 100% plant based materials, extra thick and extra large in size for a refreshing and eco-friendly body cleanse. Soft-feel plant fibres with herbal extracts and vitamins to nourish the skin.

• Microwaveable for a warm and luxurious body cleanse.
• Ideal thickness for a soft feel and comfort.
• Extra Large size wipes to reduce number of wipes required to clean entire body.
• 100% Plastic Free wipes and 100% Recylable packaging
• 100% Plant based fibres used in producing the wipes – Perfect for outdoors
• Added Herbal extracts & Vitamins cleanses, nourishes & protects. Lightly fragranced generous amounts of cleaning solution provides the user enhanced cleansing.
• Dermatologically Tested.
• Latex Free, Alcohol Free, Parabens Free.
• No water required
• Pack of 40

Omnitex is a Brand representing British Quality in PPE and Incontinence Products

A wide range of PPE Medical Grade Masks, Shoe Covers, Disposable Aprons, Mob caps & Gloves.

Omnitex also includes a premium range of Incontinence Bed Pads and Mobility Consumables.

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